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Protect, Distribute, and Monetize Your Content

Chainletter helps publishers, businesses, organizations, and content creators increase revenue streams, connect with their audiences and customers, and manage and assert ownership over their intellectual property.

Media Publishers

Publishers and media platforms of all sizes can benefit from our enterprise solutions, which provide total customization and seamless integration with existing user bases.

Small Presses and Communities

Chainletter Private Label allows online platforms and creator communities a new way to interact, monetize their user bases, and protect their content.

Content Creators

Quickly and inexpensively find a home for your work, create and sell Limited Editions, and protect your content.

Earn More With Limited Editions

Media publishers and content creators can now easily create digital Limited Editions of their work that can be sold to fans and audiences, creating an additional revenue stream. Each limited edition is unique and can’t be pirated.

“…we’re providing a new way for the authors on Booksie to connect with their readers and make money. And it’s all totally transparent, unlike royalties across the publishing world. ”

Sol Nasisi, Founder,

Protect Your Content and Intellectual Property

Limited Editions

Limited Editions utilize unique IDs stored on the Blockchain that are incapable of being duplicated. Each Limited Edition can also be watermarked to deter copyright theft.


Postmarks are an easy-to-use tool that allow content owners to validate their ownership of copyrighted work. Postmarks store the exact time and date the work was recorded and also create a non-tamperable record. In addition, the proof is stored so that anyone can verify ownership.

Woman in a mask trying to break into a safe, representing content that is not on the blockchain.

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Some of our growing list of partners:

Booksie online publishing platform
NiftyLit publishing