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About ChainLetter

Chainletter is a technology company that leverages the blockchain to help content creators earn more money and help protect intellectual property and enforce trust across transactions. Our first two products allow publishers and writers to easily create and sell Limited Edition collectibles of their content to fans and for content creators to protect their intellectual property via Postmarks.

While we leverage the blockchain, our products are a unique hybrid of technologies that create products and experiences accessible to everyone.

We’re also working to increase monetization and protect intellectual property in a variety of industries outside of publishing. Contact us to learn more.


Put ownership back into the book experience by creating and selling Limited Edition books that readers can buy, trade, and pass to anyone else.


Use Postmarks to store the creation of a book or piece of content on a tamper proof blockchain for proof of authorship or ownership.

The Team

Our team has years of technology experience at start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. military, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization monetize its content or protect its intellectual property.

Nick Tantillo


I consider myself a software craftsman and enjoy tackling engineering challenges. Programming has always held my interest 

Jo Unruh


I am a Navy veteran (special ops/ EOD) with 15+ years of experience in leadership, operations and strategy, and project management.

Sol Nasisi


I am a marketer and a technologist. I am the founder of, a publishing platform used by hundreds of thousands of writers and millions of readers.