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Monetize Content – Writers

Monetize your content to fans and supporters by offering limited edition publishing.

Fast and Easy

In minutes, you can publish Limited Edition books and content. Choose the quantity and price and share with your fan base.

New Revenue Stream

Find a new way to make money from your content and provide your fans and supporters with true digital ownership.


All sales are recorded on an immutable, public ledger so that you can track your sales in real-time and easily share.

Monetize Your Currently Published Novels and Projects

The thriller novel State of Vengeance was published as a 100 copy Limited Edition by Jake J Harrison on the Booksie Limited Edition site powered by Chainletter. Jake commented that “Limited Editions are an extra way for me to reward my fans and experiment with new ways of getting my content out there.”

Grow Support for New Projects

Digital- The Musical used Chainletter to sell 50 Limited Edition versions of the script. The package also included several songs from the musical as Add-Ons, a way of attaching related content to the limited edition.

Multiple Formats

Publish books, comics, musicals, If you have content, Chainletter can help you monetize.

Digital Ownership

Chainletter content is unique and is owned by the reader once purchased.

Reward Your Fans

Give your fans access to something unique that they can own.


Publish Your Limited Edition

Choose from our growing list of publishing partners to earn money on your writing using Limited Editions or protect your work using Postmarks.

Booksie Online Publishing
NiftyLit literary magazine.

Want to become a publishing partner? Contact us.