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Monetize Content

Monetize your site, audience, publishing portfolio and more using Limited Editions. Just like limited edition prints, Chainletter Limited Editions allow your writers or your publishing company to create books and other creative content that can be digitally limited and sold with real ownership.

Our partners can benefit from a quick start-up version, a private label solution, or an enterprise solution.


We have multiple options from easy setup to an enterprise solution depending on your needs and development resources.

Easy Setup

Our API and platform makes it easy to integrate with the Chainletter solution and start offering Limited Edition Publishing.


All sales are recorded on an immutable, public ledger so that you can track your sales in real-time and easily share.

Platforms Can Give Creators More Tools

Booksie is a large online publishing platform for writers. They are integrating a private label version of Chainletter to offer their writers the ability to easily create Limited Editions. Booksie charges its writers a fee to use the system that generates additional revenue for the site.

Publishers Can Expand Their Market

NiftyLit, a digital publisher, uses Chainletter to offer its writers a forward-looking platform to sell their short stories, poems, and artwork.


Published content is unique, recorded on an immutable ledger, and can be watermarked.


The Chainletter Add-ons module allows content creators to easily generate supporting content for their work.


Give your site, platform, or publishing company a unique features that make it stand out from the competition.

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