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Protect Intellectual Property

AI, Plagiarists, and Idea Stealers are on the prowl for your intellectual property. Protect it with Postmarks.

Public, tamper-proof evidence that you created content at a certain date. Verify your ownership, stake your claim, protect your creations.


Postmark your books to create a public record of your authorship. Don’t let others take the credit for your writing.


Postmark for proof of creation and to find AI and others who have created derivative work.


The YouTube Cover Your Assets PostMark tool automatically postmarks thumbnails and transcripts to prove YOU created a video first.


Postmark any file on your computer, phone, or device that you want to create a timestamped, public record of your

What is a Postmark?

A record in a tamper-proof ledger backed by the Blockchain.

Public | Immutable | Available 24/7 | Open | Transparent | Inexpensive

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Other Uses

ChainLetter has developed an inexpensive, scalable system to record truth across a variety of industries.

Bodycam and Security Footage

Postmarks ensured that bodycam and other security footage cannot be tampered with. This ensures that all who view the evidence can trust that it exists in its unaltered form.

Lab Results & Scientific Papers

Ensure lab data is recorded in a tamper-proof ledge so that no one can cast doubt on the results.

Postmark pre-publication papers to create an unassailable timestamp of scientific discoveries.

Property Management

Use Postmarks to create definitive proof about the condition of a property before tenants move in. Avoid legal problems and headaches.

Enterprise Solutions

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